Monday, November 10, 2008

Putting Words In My Mouth

Isn't amazing that someone voices their opinion, but they are then called bigoted, racist, idiots. They cast judgment upon people for "casting judgment". It is amazing to me how people are so divisive over opinions. I firmly and totally believe and know that no matter what happens the world is in the will of God. Romans 12 speaks as to how the Father has pre-ordained every leader of the world. This is includes Senator/President-elect Obama. Do I agree with everything that Senator/President-elect Obama is going to do? NO! Do I still think that Christ is in control? ABSOLUTELY!
In all honesty, I am so very tired of being called a bigot. I love people. I genuinely believe that God has a purpose for every human being. I am tired of being called an idiot because I have a different opinion. I am tired of being stupid because I am against abortion. I am tired of being hounded because of my beliefs. At the same time, what does the Bible say? "Do not be surprised if the world hates you?"
Lord, help me to be patient through people hating me because I believe what you say.
Please, readers, do not hate me for my beliefs. I will not hate you for yours. I might think you are wrong. But unless we have a fairly good relationship I will not even tell you that I disagree unless you ask me. God Bless.


Thomas Wentworth Hardy said...

Good on you Chris,personally I support female fertility rights but that doesn't give me the right to dismiss you.Let's keep the lines of communication open and that way we might achieve some resolution to disagreements.What do you think about Government's bailing out Wall Street Bankers?Is now the time for America to forget it's Republican principles?I think that when Bush says that capitalism is imperfect but the best system we have available he is being arrogant about the fate of the ordinary American.Great blog Tom Hardy australia

Patty said...

I use to work in the financial industry mitigating losses on mortgages. How's that for irony? I believe the bail out was a bad idea for a couple of reasons. 1) The money that we're giving to these banks is far more than they're worth. If the government wanted to get in the banking business they could've bought the banks for less than what they're giving them. 2) The government should allow these institutions to file chapter 11 bankruptcy. Obviously they have mishandled their affairs and chapter 11 requires a restructuring of the business while allowing the institutions to stay in business. That's what the government made Lehman Brothers do and I received my quarterly dividend check from LB today, right on schedule. The bail out was a decision made in a panic and hasn't help Wall Street at all. Of course, that's just one person's opinion...mine.

It was fun to see a post all the way from Australia. =D

Chris Davis said...

Hey Thomas, I will not pretend for a moment to know a thing about economics. Do I think capitalism is the best answer? I dunno, again economics is not my thing. I do think that socialism looks good on paper, but in the end doesn't work. Who knows? I really just don't have any idea.