Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am fighting tears because of this...

God Be With Us.
Pray for our nation folks.


Patty said...

The first time I saw this video I was sick to my stomach. I'm not one to get all emotional over politics but Tuesday night I shed a tear for those Americans that drank the kool-aide and for us that are going to have to reap what they have sown. I know that America is not a super-power in the end times and I beleive that this (uh-hum) president is going to be very instrumental in our decline. Even though I know it's all Biblical it still makes me sad to see our great country go the direction it's going.

Anonymous said...

You and your commentator are both idiots. I understand that you have your beliefs and your religion and your faith, but where is your faith now? just because everything is not going your way you're going to point the finger and blame everyone else for YOUR precious world not being the way YOU want it to be? if God really does have a plan for everyone and for the world then wouldn't this be in his almighty, all powerful, omnipotent hands?
and what this "Patty" girl says is just completely racist and the fact that you haven't responded or come in and told her that she has crossed the line reflects incredibly poorly on you, and i am disgusted at the idea that you are trying to be an up and coming leader of a church.
You two are both just adding to the stereotype about christians being intolerant, judgmental, and incredibly ignorant people, and that is why so many REAL people in the REAL world will never turn to your God, because they will never see him through your ignorance.
why don't you go out and experience some things, get to know people who are going through the things that you are judging, and then think about how the Bible applies to those situations, think about how Jesus would treat the people you judge so harshly, and then think about the way that you're acting and how you're representing what is supposed to be a loving and beautiful God.

this post, and it's original response, and then lack-there-of of responses literally has me shaking in anger and frustration. i really hope that you will take these words to heart.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the first Anonymous.

When you look at the big picture, yeah you are not happy that we have an african american president who does not stand by your beliefs, but would you have rather had an old man close to his days end be the leader of our country that needs so much work and care, and if he would have happened to die in office a female president who knew nothing of the worlds issues take over? Sometimes it is not all about religion, but putting your trust in God to lead our leader to do the right thing. We have separated church and state for a reason, it didnt work back then, it wont work today. Dont get offended by peoples reactions to your original posts.

Chris Davis said...

I need to make something clear. I am not upset that we have an African-American president. My problem lies with his policies, not with his race. I have in NO way said anything negative about Mr. Obama's race, in fact I am happy that we have an African-American president. It is a huge step towards genuine equality. Still, I cannot condone some of his policies. I also understand that there is separation of church and state, (this is one reason I will not run for any office) but to separate my beliefs from the way I vote would be incredibly hypocritical. I have a hard time understanding why MOST (emphasis on most, not all) want Christians to practice what they preach except when it comes to politics. They want us to vote with everyone else because there needs to be "separation of church and state". I feel like I have been peg-holed as the conservative Christian who is anti-gay, anti-choice, for guns and capital punishment. I am FOR people. I wish the best for people. In NO WAY am I casting judgment on people that have had abortions or people that stand outside of clinics with pictures of unborn fetuses, or are for or against gay marriage, or are for or against guns, or for or against capital punishment. I have my beliefs and they are going to infiltrate my life. Do I think that abortion is ok? No. Do I think standing outside of clinics with morbid pictures is right? NO! Do I think practicing homosexuality is a sin? Yes. Do I think that these people are more sinful, and unsavable, and should treated like lepers in the church? NO! I do not understand how people want me to compartmentalize my life saying, "This is my religious life, this is my family life, this is my social life, and this is my political life". My identity is found in CHRIST ALONE! To live my life in any other way would be hypocritical and a sin. The book of James talks about people who are hearers and not doers of the word are like people who look intently into a mirror, then walk away and forget what they look like. This is my calling, to be a doer of the word, not just a hearer.

Anonymous said...

i can post anything i want on here while being completely anonymous. are a racist d-bag, where is your faith now....also your sponge bob pants make you look like a raging homo.

Kyle said...

All of you "Anonymous" people are just as bad a stereotype as you are trying to portray Chris as. You're intolerant and are one of the reasons some people are afraid of what Obama might do to the nation.
I have always been for Obama for the past two years and have helped with his campaign, but I don't feel that gives me the right to call either Chris or Patty an idiot. Also, I did not read anything racist in what either of them have said. You probably read the kool-aide comment and assumed that she was making a racist comment about African-Americans. And if that's the case, you need to start thinking about more of what you read.
I fully respect Chris in his beliefs, even if I don't share them. He's one of the few that I have met that is not hypocritical with his beliefs and his views, and I respect him greatly for it.

But Chris, I say you look into Obama's policies a bit more, they're much better than McCain's ;) haha

Anonymous said...

The hatred spewed by both "Anonymous's" is amazing and sad. It's both curious and revealing that you can extrapolate "racism" from either Patty's or Chris' comments. Obama's color or race was never mentioned yet that's where your side always takes the argument. You also didn't seem to be either moved or concerned with the posted video and it's subject matter. Do you guys have a heart? Some of us who didn't vote for Obama based our choice on personal conviction and discernment, something you sadly dismiss as "idiocy". His color was the last thing on our minds and it appears to be the first for many others ( choosing instead to ignore his policies such as the one depicted here ). We pray you will eventually come to understand the God of the Bible and through the enlightenment it brings rethink some of your positions from a Christ-like attitude. It can happen and you are in our thoughts.

Patty said...

Wow! Interesting dialogue going on here. I would first like to say that I agree with sax4him by asking; did any of you view the video that this post is about? Have any of you ever seen an ultra-sound of a baby in the womb at just 4 weeks? There’s a heart beating! This little person is alive. It’s bad enough killing a baby that is still in the womb but how do you justify killing a child who’s spirit is so strong that it survived an abortion? Obama’s refusal to support legislation protecting such a child is incomprehensible.

Secondly, neither Chris nor I mentioned anything about Obama’s skin color. I am a person of color. I have experienced racism first hand; but I have never been called a racist until now. This is the effect that Obama is having on our society already. If you disagree with him, you’re a racist. Really? This is a step forward? God help those politicians that must challenge Obama on his policies or anything else.

I find my comfort in knowing that God is in control. From what I can tell from the book of Revelation, the U.S. is not a super-power in the end times and I believe that Obama is going to be instrumental in helping to remove the U.S. from its super-power status. I am very sad and worried about our state of affairs but excited at the same time for we are seeing prophecy fulfilled. It’s time to keep our eyes on the Middle East. Also, watch Russia and Putin’s future there. A little research will surprise you.

Finally, I would like to reiterate what Kyle said about you, Chris. You are man of integrity. I couldn’t of think anyone better to mold the youth of today for Jesus than you. Thank you Kyle for your opposing views and the respect that you have given Chris and his blog-site. As for Mr./Ms. Anonymous(s), I wouldn’t give too much credence to anyone that refuses to own what they say. The cloak of anonymity is such a cop-out.

Ian Stone said...

Don't worry about it too much man... This is just dogma that you watched. Every political party has it.

If this is something that matters to you, go ahead speak out against it. But don't get yourself down because of what a youtube video told you, and certainly don't be mad or scared because of it. Its all contrived BS in the long run.

bear said...

hey i found a link to your blog on a political forum, i think you all are completely misunderstanding a few fundamental things, yes patty did make a racial slur with that kool-aide generalization, but that doesn't make her or the original poster ignorant, you're only ignorant if you choose to stop learning, these poor, sheltered christian kids can't help it if they were never taught any better.
i agree with the first anonymous poster, i think if any of you spent some time with women considering abortions, and listened to their reasoning you might feel a little less cold towards them. not all women would opt to have an after birth abortion, and not every woman who has had an abortion has had a postpartum abortion. some women are in positions where abortion is the best choice for themselves. tell me, would you willingly have a baby if you knew that you could die during the childbirth and possibly kill the baby too? would you do that to your family and loved ones?
there are way too many circumstances and issues surrounding this topic to be considered that make it so much more than just a 'good' or 'bad' thing, and that's what most christian people like to narrow it down to.
rather than lashing back at us, i would rather you just take some time to think about things and consider some different opinions, rather than just keeping your head stuck up in the clouds.

Joshua said...

I really think that Christians ought to refrain from talking about others "drinking the kool-aide". It's just too ironic, not to mention hypocritical, since Christianity is a cult, and cults are all about "drinking the kool-aide". I also don't see what the fuss is about killing babies? So what if Obama wants to let some babies die? I don't think were talking about any *great* number, here, come on. I mean its probably not in the millions, probably not more than a couple of hundred dead babies a year. Are you aware that there's an overpopulation problem on this planet, geez?? Anyway, I hate to mention what hypocrites you people are, but I'll bet every one against the snuffing of unwanted babies is a rotten meat eater. That means you don't care a whit about murdering other animals (besides human animals I mean). I wouldn't be surprised if Christians didn't know humans were animals, since Christians are famous for being ignorant idiots, and intolerant bigots. Anyway, have a good day y'all.

rusticus said...

The video is crap. The woman in the video is an anti-choice activistic. Her comments about leaving babies to die is untrue. Leaving babies to die is murder in any state of the union.

The anti-choice people were trying to get a law passed to make it wrong to kill living infants or allow them to die. Most, including Obama voted against this law because it is not necessary. It is just a publicity stunt. It is already wrong to kill living infants or allow them to die.

Go in peace.

Anonymous said...

you need to check your sources and not believe everything you hear, kid.

""debunking the debunkers"

MARCH 21, 1996
Last July 12, I sat in the audience as the full Judiciary Committee debated this legislation, and I heard Congresswoman Schroeder read a letter from Dr. Haskell to the Judiciary Committee (also dated July 12) in which he said, "I have examined our records and found no evidence of a Brenda Shafer working for us during 1993."

Fortunately, I had previously provided the Constitution Subcommittee with the pertinent payroll records from Kimberly Quality Care, including their invoice to Dr. Haskell's clinic. After these documents were circulated, Congresswoman Schroeder withdrew that particular allegation, explaining it away as resulting from confusion over my married name. But it seemed peculiar to me at the time that neither she nor her staff had contacted me, or the subcommittee staff, to request documentation, before she basically called me a liar in front of everybody.
In his July 12 letter, Dr. Haskell said also said that my account was "inaccurate," because "she describes procedures at 26 1/2 weeks and 25 weeks... This is contrary to my own self-imposed and established limit of 24 weeks." But in recent times I've seen an article published in American Medical News for July 5, 1993-- just a few months before I worked for him-- in which Dr. Haskell said that he performs the procedure "up until about 25 weeks," which conflicts with his letter to the Judiciary Committee.
Also, in Dr. Haskell's 1992 paper describing the partial-birth procedure, "Dilation and Extraction for Late Second Trimester Abortion," which you have all seen, he wrote, "This author routinely performs this procedure on all patients 20 through 24 weeks LMP [i.e., from last menstrual period] with certain exceptions. The author performs the procedure on selected patients 25 through 26 weeks LMP." Keep in mind that this 26 1/2 week little boy had Down syndrome, so this was a "selected patients" ease.
Later, I learned another letter had been produced by Dr. Haskell's operation, dated July 17, this one signed by Christie Gallivan, a nurse. This letter was cited by opponents of the bill before and during the House and Senate floor debates, and was even entered into the Congressional Record by Senator Barbara Boxer.

In this letter, Christie Gallivan acknowledged that I had worked at the clinic for three days, but went on to claim that since I was a temporary nurse, I "would not have been present" at such a procedure-- or, then again, in the alternative, that if I did see such a procedure, then my memory must be faulty, or else that I must be deliberately "misrepresenting" what I saw.

Well, as I've said from the beginning, although I was assigned by a temporary agency, Dr. Haskell needed another surgical nurse-- I was told that he was having a hard time keeping them-- and he seemed to be interested in hiring me on a permanent basis. He wanted me to observe the procedure.

Christie Gallivan was the surgical nurse and she spent those three days giving me an "orientation," as it says on the Kimberly Quality Care invoice. But what is striking to me is how blatantly inconsistent Nurse Gallivan's letter is, not only with what I saw, but with what Dr. Haskell himself has written and said elsewhere.

Christie Gallivan wrote, "Dr. Haskell does not use ultrasound in the performance of second-trimester procedures." Then she went on, regarding my account, "Therefore, her entire description of her experience with viewing the second-trimester abortion, which includes Dr. Haskell using the ultrasound while doing this procedure, is clearly questionable."
Yet, in Dr. Haskell's paper explaining how he performs the procedure, he clearly states that the surgical assistant "places an ultrasound probe on the patient's abdomen and scans the fetus, locating the lower extremities." And a little further on, referring to the forceps, he wrote, "When the instrument appears on the sonograrn screen, the surgeon is able to open and close its jaws to firmly and reliably grasp a lower extremity."

So when Christie Gallivan writes that I could not have seen a baby moving, you can evaluate that statement in the light of her other statements on these points on which there is such a clear written record. And, you should notice that she never tries to explain, in this letter, why anyone should believe that these babies supposedly don't move. I've been given a copy of a transcript of the tape-recorded interview with Dr. Haskell conducted by the American Medical News in June, 1993-- only three months before my time at his clinic-- in which he explicitly acknowledged that most of these babies are alive when he pulls them out.

On November 17, I testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator Kennedy asked me why it had been reported, in a nursing newsletter, that I was employed by the National Right to Life Committee. As replied, and I tell you know, I've never been a member of, or a donor to, that organization, and certainly in no sense an employee.

Most recently, I got a copy of a letter sent to a constituent by Congresswoman Lynn Rivers of Michigan, written in longhand, in which this distinguished member of Congress claimed that I "was unwilling to testify under oath or submit herself to crossexamination in front of Congress- even though she was sitting in the hearing room while testimony was being taken."In November, when Senator Hatch invited me to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I accepted immediately and without qualification. During the question period, Senator Kyl asked me if I would be willing to testify to these things under oath and I replied, "Yes, sir, I would. Or under a lie detector or anything else I need to do." [Senate hearing record, p. 63] And I tell you the same thing.
It is still amazing to me that certain individuals who hold high elective offices, offices for which I hold great respect, have been so willing to publicly spread this kind of blatant misinformation about me, without making the slightest effort to investigate or look at any of the documentation."

Wolf_22 said...

Personally I'm pro-choice for a while list of reasons, but in particular being that the only way to end abortion is to make it no longer desired.

there are alreayd similair laws on the books in some states. the issue with this particular law is that its language begins to threaten having any legal abortions.
many bills get trashed based on language alone.


shawn said...

why not just let the pro-choice people have their abortions and the pro-life people have their children? i don't see what the issue is, if it's already been shown that the video was just a smear campaign... well that's my 2 cents.