Saturday, October 11, 2008

Transperency Is Liberating

So lately I have been seeing myself for who I truly am. I see myself as slothful, boring, I take advantage of situations/people. And this through all of this I seemed to have a epiphany. Earlier in this week in class we were going over the verses in James that say that not many ought be teachers because they are held to a higher account, and I thought "How is this reflecting in my life? How am I trying to be different than the every day schmo that follows Christ?" I came to the answer that I was not doing a whole lot more than just the fact that I was teaching. Granted, every person should try to follow Christ to the fullest extent of the commands of him, but according to James, leaders are almost going to be judged twice. Wow. This scared the crap out of me. I realized that I truly truly truly need to make more of an effort in every aspect of my life. For example, I have a roommate that I have not been getting along with. In fact today was the first time we had spoken in a month. How would I react if one of my students said that to me? (Granted middle schoolers don't have roommates they have families, but still) Anyways, today was the first time in a month that myself and said roommate talked. And the words were not pleasant.... at first. After which he stormed out of the apartment, and I realized how idiotic we were both being, and how it was making the entire household uncomfortable. At that point, I just prayed "God show me how to make peace with this guy?" And he did and I did it, and after that he gave a little, to make peace as well. We were able to have a decent conversation, and shake hands afterward. So I see now, that God will work things out in life, even the small, but you have to be willing to stretch yourself, and be willing to admit that you are wrong to be able to grow.

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