Monday, October 13, 2008

Hope or no?

I have spent some time today reading up on the two presidential candidates (all following info is from their own websites), because honestly I didn't know a whole lot about either of them. I learned some interesting things about both, that I did not before.
Obama seems to have some good things to say about reform of government and the IRS. I also highly agree with his immigration reform plan. Something that worries me though is the $50 billion he promises to stimulate the economy. He wants to lower taxes for the every day person, but raise taxes for people and companies who are wealthier. I am unsure of where he plans to get this $50 billion. I do not think that raising taxes for the wealthy will equal that which was lost in the lowering of taxes for lower class. (I should preface this entire blog with the statement that I do not necessarily oppose raising taxes, depending on what they are going to be used for.) Secondly, he is highly pro-choice, and he is for stem cell research. Thirdly, he is for equal opportunity employment no matter sexual orientation/gender. This frightens me for churches. Do I believe that these people can be in the church? Absolutely. Women I really think can be anything but head pastors. I also believe that someone can struggle with homosexuality and be a christian. I believe God holds all sin to be equal. Homosexuality is sin in my opinion, but this does not mean that we should treat them like lepers. We need to treat them like everyone else that has a habitual problem with sin. We must confront them, bring more people to confront them, and then bring it before the church if they are unrepentant. It is always striking to me that we allow former drug-addicts, wife beaters, fornicators into the church with open arms, but we do NOTHING to reconcile men and women who struggle with homosexuality. All of this to say, that a homosexual (Who doesn't even necessarily want to be a pastor, but just wants to cause problems) gets turned away from a job interview because the church believes this person to be living in sin and is unfit to lead the church, will decide to sue. I fear for this. Homosexuals will not see that a church would not hire a person that was living in any other sin either, they will just be angry and look for monetary reconciliation.
McCain I did not do as much reading about, but did do some. I also like his immigration reform plan, as well as some of his ideas for energy reform. I am not the hugest fan of his views on the 2nd Amendment. I am not for gun control in the sense of no one should have guns, but I do not like the idea that someone can get a hold of a gun that could take down a helicopter. It is just not necessary. I don't care how big of an animal you are hunting, you don't need Barret .50cal Rifle. You just don't.
All of this to say.... I STILL have no idea who I am going to vote for....


Anonymous said...

you think no woman should be head pastor? what makes you think a man is any more fit to be head pastor rather than a women? preaching Gods word is about nothing more then sharing God's love with others. And for you to have such biast beliefs about women pastors makes me think what kind of church you would lead if you were ever able to lead a church. I've known women pastors who are far more powerful speakers then any pastor who happens to be a man. It's christians like you who give a bad name to christianity.

Anonymous said...

well the bible says that the women are not meant to be pastors, so if he believes in everything the bible says then he is just follwing suit.

Chris Davis said...

What the second person said. I am just following 1 Timothy 2. Not being sexist. I totally think women can do anything else they want, including be president, hunt, box with dudes, or just be moms. Whatever their heart desires. Has nothing to do with their ability to preach, because I agree that there are some great women speakers out there, they just cannot oversee a church.