Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Scene

I have really been into this new scene of music lately. It kinda has a punkish feel, but has some thrash roots, and has some old school hardcore in it. Bands like Blues, Civilian, The Jonbenét, Touche Amore. Just some great stuff that has some great rock influences, but it is just a great scene. Everyone knows the words, and just has a good time at the shows, there is no dancing, or huge fights, or egos. You can go to shows, just have a good time without worrying about making some jerk mad at you and getting punched in the face. Went to a show on Friday and just had a awesome time rockin out singin along to Polar Bear Club. So much fun... You into hardcore, but sick of the scene give one these guys a listen for sure.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coulda Shoulda Woulda....

I should have prefaced my last blog with the statement that I am just trying to follow the Bible. And according to 1 Timothy 2 women should not be preachers. I totally think that women are capable at everything men are able to do, but Paul just said they aren't allowed to preach. I shoulda prefaced my last blog with that sorry folks... Another controversial one to come soon. Promise it'll be good.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hope or no?

I have spent some time today reading up on the two presidential candidates (all following info is from their own websites), because honestly I didn't know a whole lot about either of them. I learned some interesting things about both, that I did not before.
Obama seems to have some good things to say about reform of government and the IRS. I also highly agree with his immigration reform plan. Something that worries me though is the $50 billion he promises to stimulate the economy. He wants to lower taxes for the every day person, but raise taxes for people and companies who are wealthier. I am unsure of where he plans to get this $50 billion. I do not think that raising taxes for the wealthy will equal that which was lost in the lowering of taxes for lower class. (I should preface this entire blog with the statement that I do not necessarily oppose raising taxes, depending on what they are going to be used for.) Secondly, he is highly pro-choice, and he is for stem cell research. Thirdly, he is for equal opportunity employment no matter sexual orientation/gender. This frightens me for churches. Do I believe that these people can be in the church? Absolutely. Women I really think can be anything but head pastors. I also believe that someone can struggle with homosexuality and be a christian. I believe God holds all sin to be equal. Homosexuality is sin in my opinion, but this does not mean that we should treat them like lepers. We need to treat them like everyone else that has a habitual problem with sin. We must confront them, bring more people to confront them, and then bring it before the church if they are unrepentant. It is always striking to me that we allow former drug-addicts, wife beaters, fornicators into the church with open arms, but we do NOTHING to reconcile men and women who struggle with homosexuality. All of this to say, that a homosexual (Who doesn't even necessarily want to be a pastor, but just wants to cause problems) gets turned away from a job interview because the church believes this person to be living in sin and is unfit to lead the church, will decide to sue. I fear for this. Homosexuals will not see that a church would not hire a person that was living in any other sin either, they will just be angry and look for monetary reconciliation.
McCain I did not do as much reading about, but did do some. I also like his immigration reform plan, as well as some of his ideas for energy reform. I am not the hugest fan of his views on the 2nd Amendment. I am not for gun control in the sense of no one should have guns, but I do not like the idea that someone can get a hold of a gun that could take down a helicopter. It is just not necessary. I don't care how big of an animal you are hunting, you don't need Barret .50cal Rifle. You just don't.
All of this to say.... I STILL have no idea who I am going to vote for....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Transperency Is Liberating

So lately I have been seeing myself for who I truly am. I see myself as slothful, boring, I take advantage of situations/people. And this through all of this I seemed to have a epiphany. Earlier in this week in class we were going over the verses in James that say that not many ought be teachers because they are held to a higher account, and I thought "How is this reflecting in my life? How am I trying to be different than the every day schmo that follows Christ?" I came to the answer that I was not doing a whole lot more than just the fact that I was teaching. Granted, every person should try to follow Christ to the fullest extent of the commands of him, but according to James, leaders are almost going to be judged twice. Wow. This scared the crap out of me. I realized that I truly truly truly need to make more of an effort in every aspect of my life. For example, I have a roommate that I have not been getting along with. In fact today was the first time we had spoken in a month. How would I react if one of my students said that to me? (Granted middle schoolers don't have roommates they have families, but still) Anyways, today was the first time in a month that myself and said roommate talked. And the words were not pleasant.... at first. After which he stormed out of the apartment, and I realized how idiotic we were both being, and how it was making the entire household uncomfortable. At that point, I just prayed "God show me how to make peace with this guy?" And he did and I did it, and after that he gave a little, to make peace as well. We were able to have a decent conversation, and shake hands afterward. So I see now, that God will work things out in life, even the small, but you have to be willing to stretch yourself, and be willing to admit that you are wrong to be able to grow.