Saturday, July 19, 2008

AZ Update #1

So today, Saturday, being my first day in Arizona, I figured I would give you guys an update. I got in last night around 7:30ish and stood around in Jimmy's apartment complex parking lot, because I couldn't find his apartment, and he could hear his phone cause it had fallen into the couch cracks. So when I finally got in, we watched Cops. (I know, I am not a fan either but what Jimmy showed me was pretty funny.) After a while Jimmy and I hopped on WOW and played some.... Well not just some, alot. After which we watched several Tivo'ed episodes of The Conan O'brien Show. Then we went to bed it was around 4:30 I believe. I woke around noon, and Jimmy did soon after. Then we played some more WOW. That is really how we spend our afternoon. After which we went downtown to 4th Ave to place called The Living Room where several bands were playing.

The Living Room is tiny little local venue, where really only local bands played, it was the size of my apartment really. Besides being really loud, I liked it alot. I just generally think the music scene around here is way better than in CA. No one here gets upset because the songs don't have breakdowns, or because it wasn't "brutal" and I love it. Not only that, no one here will threaten to "kick your a**" for accidentally looking at them funny.
When we got there we met several friends there, Adam, Cale and Rob (Cale and Rob I have not seen since I moved). We stood outside for a while and shot the breeze to catch up. Soon after that Blues went on. Blues is a great great band from Tucson. Very original, almost southern but they definitely make it their own. You should check them out on Myspace for sure.
After them Cyrus Fell Down came on. They were FANTASTIC. They were a weird mix of like punk, but thrashy and and indie at the same time. They had a very original sound, not only that they pulled it off excellently, were very entertaining to watch, and their bass player was phenomenal. Definitely give them a listen if you can. I don't know if they are on Myspace or not, but you should check they were so good.
After Cyrus Fell Down played, we all decided to hit up Brooklyn Pizza. It was some of the better pizza I have had in my life. My first time around I had a slice of Ham and Pineapple. Then I had a slice of Meatball. Great pizza. I paid for myself and Jimmy, and it end up being only 11 bones. So it was really inexpensive as well. If you are ever in Tucson and somewhere near 4th Ave. give them a try for sure.
While we were at the show it started to rain pretty hard. I had a picture that I wanted to put in here but I will save that one for a later post. If you know anything about Arizona it is famous for its Monsoon Season. From June 15th till Sept. you are likely to see HEAVY rain at least once every two weeks, and more realistically several times. But anyways, the heavy rain and lightning had kicked in. We were driving home and we could barely see out of the windshield. I really miss the rain and lightning, it's really great to sit in a second story window and just watch.
When we got back to Jimmy's apartment complex, it was raining harder than ever so before running like heck to his apartment I tied some plastic bads around my shoes, cause my shoes are just made of canvas, so they would have been absolutely soaked, but yeah managed to get to Jimmy's room with dry feet. If you are every in a pinch and need to keep your feet dry, this seemed to work well.

So that is it for now. I will post again tomorrow, I may not have pictures though. My camera is acting funny. 'Till Then.

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Stephanie Brecht said...

so, this is funny, but i was SO close to going to that show last night. in fact, i was at the living room all day with caleb and a few other people doing a homeless outreach and we actually hung out with the cyrus guys a little bit. they were really cool. so it's funny that you guys went to their show! also, caleb works at brooklyn's, just thought i'd throw that out there.

coinkeydinks! :D