Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's In My Recently Played File?

I have been listening to a lot of music lately. A lot. So here's what is in my recently played file.

1. Training for Utopia - Throwing a Wrench in the American Music Machine, and Falling Cycle EP

These guys are two of my favorites from when I was growing up. When I was in middle school my youth pastor showed me some Christian Hardcore. These guys being one of the first, they are naturally one of my favorite bands. They were ridiculously ahead of their time with all three of their albums. Throwing a Wrench.... and Falling Cycle are two very different albums, but both are amazing in their own way. Falling Cycle was their first release with Solid State Records, and was a very raw just heavy album. And I LOVE it. Throwing a Wrench.... is still raw and heavy, but they have mixed in an industrial edge that was not there for the first two albums. Fun fact about these guys: They got tired of not making any money with good music, so they asked themselves, "What would sell in a Christian market?" The answer: Cheeziness. Thus, Demon Hunter was born. Lord, I miss these guys.

2. Origin - Antithesis

What do you get when you have a bunch of classically trained musicians who want to play metal, and destroy the universe? Origin is what you get. So ridiculously fast. Next time you are in the mood for some death metal/grind check these guys out. So fast.

3. Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home

If any of you are music buffs, you will know that Dustin Kensrue is the lead singer for Thrice. A while back he decided to come out with a folk side project. What came out was one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. He just knows how to hit the core of me with his lyrics, plus I dig the Johnny Cash style music.

4. Circa Survive - Juturna

Love these guys. I really like their other album, "On Letting Go", better, but this was the only one I had in my car while driving to AZ. So I listening to it. It's a great album. I really dig their originality in every part of their music, plus I really like Anthony Green's unique vocals.

5. As Cities Burn - Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest

These guys are an amazing band. They just have so much passion. You can really feel it in the way he writes his lyrics, but then it transfers over to the music as well. But there really is no way around it, if the lyrics weren't as good as they are, this album would still be good, but nowhere near as good.

That will complete it for this installment of "What's In My Recently Played File?" Hope you guys will check a few of these bands out, if you haven't already.

Early Bird Gets To Go Back To Bed

So I had work today at 6:45 in the morning. I know, I know ridiculous right? Well I get myself up before any one person should be up, drag myself to work, look at the schedule, and find out that they changed my work time from 6:45 to 8. So I got up and hour and fifteen minutes early. Not only that, I found out that they didn't call me cause my roommate said he would tell me. Guess what he didn't tell me. Evil.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


One thing that miss terribly from AZ is Eegee's. In fact one of the first things I did when I was there was go get visit the closest location. It is a fast food place that serves subs. But the subs are not what I miss. I miss the slushes. They are absolutely amazing. Imagine a really thick Icee with chunks of fruit in them. OH MY GOODNESS! So tasty. If there were things that I could live on for the rest of my life they would be: Animal Style fries from In 'n' Out, Manicotti, Steak, and Strawberry Eegees. Seriously. They are that amazing. They are only a Tucson chain, so if you are ever in Tucson, check them out. They are amazing.

Arizona Update #2

There is only one reason I went to AZ, and that was to visit people. (Why else would I go to Tucson?) So while I was there I made a genuine effort to spend as much time as I could with my friends that I hadn't seen in a while. In my last post I talked about how I was staying with Jimmy.

So that is what Jimmy looks like. He's a great friend and I wish the best for him.
Saturday night, I was able to catch up and have coffee with my friend Steph.

(Isn't that the most forced smile you have ever seen?)
We had a nice long chat in a rad little coffee/hookah shop. It was awesome catch up with her. It was interesting because she started dating another friend of mine that has moved to Georgia, and I never got to hear the story about how they started dating, so I got to hear that tale.
Today I was able to catch up with Serena, Natalie, and Ashley.

(Left to right: Natalie, Ashley, myself, and Serena)
We got to just chill in the food court of the mall that I used wreak havoc at. So that brought back old memories as well as being cool catching up with these ladies. Overall it was a great trip and was happy to have done it, and am looking forward to the time when all these people will come visit me in CA. (Hint, Hint guys)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

AZ Update #1

So today, Saturday, being my first day in Arizona, I figured I would give you guys an update. I got in last night around 7:30ish and stood around in Jimmy's apartment complex parking lot, because I couldn't find his apartment, and he could hear his phone cause it had fallen into the couch cracks. So when I finally got in, we watched Cops. (I know, I am not a fan either but what Jimmy showed me was pretty funny.) After a while Jimmy and I hopped on WOW and played some.... Well not just some, alot. After which we watched several Tivo'ed episodes of The Conan O'brien Show. Then we went to bed it was around 4:30 I believe. I woke around noon, and Jimmy did soon after. Then we played some more WOW. That is really how we spend our afternoon. After which we went downtown to 4th Ave to place called The Living Room where several bands were playing.

The Living Room is tiny little local venue, where really only local bands played, it was the size of my apartment really. Besides being really loud, I liked it alot. I just generally think the music scene around here is way better than in CA. No one here gets upset because the songs don't have breakdowns, or because it wasn't "brutal" and I love it. Not only that, no one here will threaten to "kick your a**" for accidentally looking at them funny.
When we got there we met several friends there, Adam, Cale and Rob (Cale and Rob I have not seen since I moved). We stood outside for a while and shot the breeze to catch up. Soon after that Blues went on. Blues is a great great band from Tucson. Very original, almost southern but they definitely make it their own. You should check them out on Myspace for sure.
After them Cyrus Fell Down came on. They were FANTASTIC. They were a weird mix of like punk, but thrashy and and indie at the same time. They had a very original sound, not only that they pulled it off excellently, were very entertaining to watch, and their bass player was phenomenal. Definitely give them a listen if you can. I don't know if they are on Myspace or not, but you should check they were so good.
After Cyrus Fell Down played, we all decided to hit up Brooklyn Pizza. It was some of the better pizza I have had in my life. My first time around I had a slice of Ham and Pineapple. Then I had a slice of Meatball. Great pizza. I paid for myself and Jimmy, and it end up being only 11 bones. So it was really inexpensive as well. If you are ever in Tucson and somewhere near 4th Ave. give them a try for sure.
While we were at the show it started to rain pretty hard. I had a picture that I wanted to put in here but I will save that one for a later post. If you know anything about Arizona it is famous for its Monsoon Season. From June 15th till Sept. you are likely to see HEAVY rain at least once every two weeks, and more realistically several times. But anyways, the heavy rain and lightning had kicked in. We were driving home and we could barely see out of the windshield. I really miss the rain and lightning, it's really great to sit in a second story window and just watch.
When we got back to Jimmy's apartment complex, it was raining harder than ever so before running like heck to his apartment I tied some plastic bads around my shoes, cause my shoes are just made of canvas, so they would have been absolutely soaked, but yeah managed to get to Jimmy's room with dry feet. If you are every in a pinch and need to keep your feet dry, this seemed to work well.

So that is it for now. I will post again tomorrow, I may not have pictures though. My camera is acting funny. 'Till Then.

Attack Cat Gorge

This is George. He is the cat that lives in the apartment I am staying at in Arizona. He is a funny cat. He runs around like a speed freak and even when you are petting him he is acting like he is hyped up on PCP. Another funny thing about George is that he likes to bite. I mean he REALLY likes to bite. He snuck up on me while I was sleeping last night and bit my nose. Even when you are petting him and he's purring like he likes you all of the sudden his teeth are digging into your skin like an alcoholic with no hands trying to get the cap off his beer. Weird effin cat.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I am leaving today to go visit some friends in Tucson Arizona. I will spend the next five days eating alot of fast food, catching up with people that I have not seen since December of '06, playing WOW, watching horror movies, and evidently am going to the Grand Canyon (not sure if it will actually happen). Please keep me in your prayers as I have to drive 430 miles by myself without cruise control (so my feet are gonna be tired haha). But yes this will be great trip I am thinking. I will most definitely have a picture post when I get back. In the mean time you should check out my new band, The Curse Has A Name. We only have one song up as of now, I am hoping that will change soon though. 'Till then.

Goose Tossing

I’ve been trying something new lately and it’s really put a new spin on how I go through my days. Instead of waking up ten minutes before work and wiping myself down with a damp paper towel, I’ve been waking up really early and going for walks all over town. You’d be amazed at how quiet this place is without people in it. I haven’t felt this peaceful in years.

I went over to Fairmount Park the other day at around 4am and even the geese were still asleep when I got there. I couldn’t believe my luck. It’s been a dream of mine for years to see how far I could throw a goose and this was the perfect opportunity. I’ve definitely learned that you’ve got to strike fast when dealing with sleeping animals because the element of surprise is your biggest weapon. That old wives’ tale about letting sleeping dogs lie only applies if you don’t have a plan for after you wake up the dog. With geese, it’s the same story. You wake up a goose just for the fun of it, you’ll get pecked like no tomorrow. Their beaks are painful, man. You don’t want to find out first hand.

When I saw those geese getting some shuteye, I knew exactly what to do. I picked out one that looked like it might be lighter than some of the other ones. [Side note: Can we stop feeding the geese so many friggin breadcrumbs? They’re plenty fat as it is.] I decided to name it “Tosserton,” because it seemed appropriate at the time and I find that I can throw things farther if they have a name. When I was sure that Tosserton was definitely asleep and not faking it, I picked out my landing zone and went in for the throw.

Goose tossing is a hard art to master and with no means to practice, I had to rely on what it looked like in my dreams. So I got a running start, went full steam ahead, picked up Tosserton and threw him (her?) hammer-toss style as far as I could, spinning my body to get maximum torque. I was pretty freaked out about how flexible her (his?) neck was, but it ended up helping me get more distance than I would have otherwise. I’d say I got a good forty feet, which is shorter than I predicted, but still a pretty admirable toss in my opinion.

You should have heard Tosserton honking in the air. He (she?) righted herself (himself?) right before hitting the ground and ended up just gliding to safety, so I didn’t have to feel bad about hurting Tosserton. After the goose landing, I was overcome with an enormous sense of completion. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I will say this: I don’t recommend goose-tossing to anyone unless you’ve had a steady series of dreams over the last twenty years about it. If you don’t have the instincts bred into you subconsciously, then you won’t be ready to do it. Leave the goose-tossing to the professionals, people. Don’t try it at home.