Monday, April 21, 2008

Tiger & the Duke

The Sound of Animals Fighting (TSOAF) is a very interesting band. As is their re-release of "Tiger & The Duke" on Equal Vision Records. TSOAF is made up of so many random people it's hard to keep track. Rich, Matt and Chris of Rx Bandits , Anthony Green of Circa Survive (and formerly Saosin), Derek and Randy of Finch , Marc from Atreyu , among others. The sound is very original. You can tell that this group of guys really just wanted to get together and play some music that was different. It has a feeling that is somewhat similar to The Fall of Troy, or even possibly a little bit like The Mars Volta. But when it comes down to it, they have their own sound. While the music is interesting, I found myself waiting for the next song to begin. This is not a good thing. I liked the songs, but they seemed to kind of drag. When a song is excellent, you want to hear more, but aren't in a rush to get to the next song. That element was not present in these songs. Because this was a re-issue there are some cool bonuses, 1) Re-mixes from another album by different bands including Portugal the Man, Technology, Evol Intent, and The Optimist. All this being said one of my favorite parts of this album is the live song "Horses in the Sky" this is great because this band has stated that they are only going to play four shows total, all of which are done. So those of us who did not make it to any of those shows get a taste of it. Now my least favorite parts of the album were the interludes between songs that were performed by Technology. It wasn't that there were interludes, I would not have minded if they were good. But I feel they were rather poorly written. This is when I really wanted the next song to come, was during these 3 interludes. Overall I say this album is definitely worth a listen. Another interesting thing about this band is that they do not use their names in the credits. I am unsure how Wikipedia found all of this information out (possibly posted by one of the members?), but each member is assigned an animal rather than using their name. The Four main members that have remained the same since the beginning are The Nightingale, The Walrus, The Lynx, and The Skunk (Rich, Matt, Chris, and Anthony respectively). On this album though, there is also: Tortise, Tiger, Bear, Raven, Swan, Dog, Ferret, Octopus, Armadillo, Llama, and Hyena. Not only do the musicians get animals, but the mixers, masterers, artwork people, authors (I'll get to a point about this one), public relations, engineers, and patrons. So in all reality this band has a large amount of members (I don't feel like counting). The artwork on this album is somewhat interesting. It does not spark interest immediately in the way that "O' God the Aftermath" ( Norma Jean ) does, but it piques curiosity none the less. There also is a story that goes along with the music, I am unsure what the title has to do with the story though, because the story is about two wolves searching for something called "The Glen". This is where I believe the album could have used some improvement, if you are going to have a story along with your album there are a few things that are needed of it. 1) It needs to grab my attention. 2) It needs to be somewhat thoroughly explained. Neither of these things are present in this story.
Overall Rating: I give it 3 Carl's Jr. Milkshakes out of 5

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