Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Friends.....

Recently I have reconnected with several old friends that I have not been able to spend time with.
First, I had coffee with Dylan Hake. That is always a good time, we talk about anything and everything and it is always refreshing. For sure. Always interesting to hear what kind of stuff he is going through in his life, be it positive or negative.
Second, I got to go to Disneyland and dinner with Matthew Mayhem. That was cool. Have not seen him for a while. Now, I need to hook up with our fellow buddy Travis who I have not seen in an even longer time.
Tomorrow, is lunch with the Bean. I am looking forward to this more than I can explain. I have alot of things that I need to lay out on the table for her, and I hope some things that she will have some things to say to me as well.
If you (the reader) and I have not hung out in a while let me know. Lets get some coffee or something and catch up for sure.

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