Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just Random Update....

Well its been a while so I figure I should give all my readers just a random update about whats been going on in my life and whats happened this year. A lot of awesome stuff has happened as well as some crappy stuff, but hey that's life.
This year I got back together with Sarah, my longtime girlfriend from high-school. We started hanging out again in February-March and by June we were together again. So I have officially finished my third semester at CBU studying theology. I love it there. I am hoping that the next 5 don't go as fast as these three. I have had a new roommate for the past semester, Paden Burger. A good friend and glad to have him with me, I do miss living with Ryan terribly though. A lot of you know of my love of music. I have been playing bands since 7th grade. I started a band my junior year of high-school with several friends. In March or so The Undiscovered called it quits. It was fun while it lasted by we were just done with playing, Dylan was moving on to play with Moi, and the rest of us were frustrated with each other, and so for the sake of our friendships we were done. Since then I have started another group called Legacy of Betrayal. It is something that I have really been enjoying doing for the past 5-6 months. One of the first times that I have been working with a group of very seasoned musicians and its a nice change. (Not that The Undiscovered guys were bad, cause they weren't.) L.O.B. has our first show January 12th in Redlands at Oasis. I would be honored if you all would come. I have been continuing to work with the middle schoolers at Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church. I love it with all that I am. Sarah has gotten involved as well, and it makes me so proud of her to watch how she connects with her girls. I have gone through three cars this year. Many of you knew and loved "Big Muff" the giant green Astro van that I drove around. It finally died and I got an older than me Jeep Cherokee. I liked it a lot, and it was named "Odeon". It was a rad car. Unfortunately it died several months after my family bought it. After which God has blessed me with an awesome little car that I have not yet named. I got this Kia Rio for 3000 dollars and it only has 30,000 miles on it. Its been a great little car, it is awesome to have a car that isn't falling apart, and have everything (except the cigarette lighter) work. I bought an Xbox 360 this year and so far it has been worth every penny (although it was a lot of pennies). This year I have experienced something that I have never experienced before. Everyone knows that I am super protective of my little sister The Julie Bean, well she has gone and gotten her first boyfriend. I am still getting used to it. He is a good guy, and I am glad it is him rather than some douche bag. But either way it is a little odd, and I worry about her. My grandfathers health has taken a turn for the worst, he seems to be tired all of the time, and he is having kidney issues, so he is a constant source of concern for me, although I know that God is wise, and everything happens for a reason. There has been the highlights of my year. If I remember anything else I will edit this post and tell you all. Hope you all are well. I love you all tons.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On my to do list

I, as the middle school intern at my church have been put in charge of the Christmas Party. So today I am getting everything together.
I have to:
Get drinks
Get Decorations
Make sure everything is set at the hosts house
Pick up the 6 foot burrito
And welcome all the students
It should be a great time of fellowship asnd getting to connect with the students.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Interesting thoughts...

I am reading a book right now called The Lords of Chaos which is a book about the rise of satanic metal in todays culture. That is not what this blog is about. This blog is about what these type of people think of us. In the book a band called Ulver is interviewed. This is what they have to say about Christianity: "Christianity is but one expression of herd mentality... All this said, I mind in no way attacks on Christianity, but I believe it is killing itself more rapidly than any church burner could ever dream of doing. After all, we live in the end of the second millennium and most people are enlightened to such a degree that they are capable of smelling rotting fish."
What do you think of this? Is he right, is he wrong? I am curious as to what people inside the church think of the church.