Friday, August 17, 2007

Fans of ATHF Cry in Misery...

Because the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Feature Film for Theaters was absolutely terrible. I understand that the plots for the show are crazy, but this was so stupid the writer had to have been on acid or cocaine or heroine or any combination of the three to come up with this plot. It seriously was the biggest waste of twenty dollars I have ever used. Don't buy it don't rent it don't borrow it from a friend don't even illegally download it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A bit of controversial blog I think...

Before I even start this blog and talk about what it is I want to talk about, please understand that I am utterly and completely grateful to our military I thank you all for what you do for this country and it's residents, and this entry is not aimed to insult or demean anything you have done, nor am I going to refer to all military persons, just one certain type of one that I spent a lot of time thinking about today, in particular, and wanted to share my thoughts.
I get slightly irritated with people have a double standard. My meaning behind this is simple, Military personal who think that they some how have more rights and are better people than the rest of us simply because we have not joined the Army, Navy, Air Force or National Guard. They say that they are fighting for our freedom and then try to tell us what to do and take them away from us. A perfect example of this is when I was at a wedding a while ago, so I decided to dress a little nice since that is the thing to do at weddings. So I wore slacks, a button up shirt, and a circa WWII Marines dress jacket that I acquired from a military surplus store. (Not to be disrespectful or anything like that I just like the way it looks.) Not long after I had arrived at the wedding a young man in a tuxedo walked up to me and says "Do me a favor and take off the jacket." I responded not rudely, but not exactly politely I suppose, mostly out of confusion. I said "Why?" He continued to explain to me that it was insulting to him because he was a Marine and I didn't deserve to wear the jacket. I responded in the negative at first, not even really in the negative, but just not really answering, then one of his buddys someone I knew, and is prolly close to a decade younger than me walks up next to him and says "Yeah take it off." This frustrated me even more because he wasn't even old enough to be in the Military, so how could he be insulted by it? I told him "You know what I will be polite since you are in the wedding party and take it off." and he replied with "Just so you know for future reference, it pisses us off." To which I replied "You know what? I really don't care. I am being polite simply because you are in the wedding party but other places I am going to wear what I like whether you like it or not." At which he did not reply but walked away rudely. Later I was talking with the groom and he said "Thank you for taking off the coat, my best man was about to kill you." Now this is what frustrates me. These men and women are fighting for our freedom to do, say, wear, and think what we like, then get upset with us when we do it. To me this almost seems that they are doing it to be in charge more than for them to defend our rights. Once again this is not aimed at all Military, or even close to it just the ones that seem to think they are better than us. I also want to offer my sincere apologies to anyone this might have offended, it was not intended to offend or be rude, but simply spark some thoughts amongst my friends.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Today I bought a cd by a band called Neon Horse. The interesting thing about this band is that no one is taking responsibility for it. The names of the people who recorded it are being withheld. The inside reads Vocals - Norman Horse, Music - Neon Horse. This is an interesting concept to me. This means that they cannot tour, and they just aren't really getting the credit they deserve for recording such a good album... Slightly boggled by all of this....

Friday, August 3, 2007

So I found out....

That it was my brothers fault my association. He flushed a glow stick (you know raver status?) down the toilet and if he hadn't done that then my father wouldn't have been trying to fix the toilet, and thus end up dropping it. So its my brothers fault.


Wonderful way to make up

My Father decided that it would be fun to break the toilet today...
So I woke up to a loud crash and lots of yelling about how "this could have been an easy fix. Darn it!" and other such exclamations. I think it is rather amusing. I am not talking like breaking the floater or the thing that fills it up. No, I am talking about breaking the actual toilet in half. Not by like sitting on it. He was fixing something else and he dropped it. But it still amuses me immensely.
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Hope you enjoy this little picture...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Good Lord

I thought I was over this business of being sick, but I forgot my medicine yesterday, thus when I went to do some work outside today I started to, once again, feel like absolute crap. The lesson that I have learned from all of this is that I have to finish anti-biotics. Stupid pills. I just have such a hard time remembering to take a pill when I already feel fine.
Last night was pretty cool. We had high school and middle school youth group together last night. I was glad to see that we as a church can get together and still connect, although I would have liked to see more high school middle school inter-mingling. Anyways to my point, about youth group we watched a Nooma video. This one only confirms that my suspicions that Rob Bell is a complete genius. This particular heart throbbing clip was about the Gospel and how each person becomes the Gospel to people that don't know it. While, we don't literally become the Gospel, we do though become examples for the Gospel so in a sense we are the Gospel. One line that really stuck out to me was when he said "Jesus loves you just the way you are and enough to not let you stay that way..."
Think about that....