Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Today I had a meeting with Steve Brown the worship leader of my church because we were talking about me playing for the 11 o'clock contemporary service, which I am doing this week. So I decided to rewire and re-vamp my pedal-board because it has been sounding like crap lately. So I went to the 99 cent store because I can get 2 9V batteries for 99 cents, as opposed to 2 for 6.49 at K*mart. So on the way out I decided that would like some coffee. So I had Starbucks today for the first time in months. Ironic how my former addiction (iced mocha with an extra shot of espresso) cost me exactly 4.20. Ha.
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Ironically also the picture number with my addiction of choice was DSC0420.... 420..... again....

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