Sunday, February 4, 2007

No Reason...

I watched an interesting movie today. "The Road Peredition", it was quite good. It was about a kid who's father, from what I could really gather, was a mob hitman. In the movie the kid sneaks into his fathers car and sees him kill several men. Then one of the mobmen figure out that he was there, and tries to kill the entire family. He succeeds in killing the mother and the younger brother, but not the father or the main character. The rest of the movie is the father and his son trying to find the killer. They end up robbing several banks, and killing several people that got in the way. In the end, the father killed the mob boss, who was hiding the man who killed the family, and the man who killed his family. They then make it to Peredition, where the sister of the mother lives. There another hitman, who has been chasing them through the entire movie shoots the father and comes after the son. It ends up that the father wasn't quite dead, and killed the hitman, leaving the son by himself. It kind of leaves me at a point where I wish I had more information. What happened to the son? I know the father dies. But why did it have to end like that? Why couldn't they all die? I would have had alot more closure that way. Stupid. But then I came to the conclusion that I didn't write this movie, and this is the story that the writer wanted to tell. It begged alot of questions I suppose. Why do we feel that we must get revenge for anything and everything that goes wrong and is caused by someone? Secondly, it made me think about the way our lives our. God has written a story for our lives. We make not like it, but He has our best interests in mind. Why are we so resistant to things that are hard? Do we not trust our heavenly Father enough to know that no matter what we go through He will bring us through, whether that be death so that we are with Him in heaven for the rest of eternity, or keep us here to keep toiling through every day we have. How many times, have I taken His grace for granted? How many times have I lost hope in His divine plan? Have I no faith at all? God forgive me.

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