Saturday, December 2, 2006

I am so insignificant....

Something I have really been learning and thinking about lately is how insignificant we as humans are. God, in His omniscience, knew that we would mess up the entire world. He knew that He would have to sacrifice His son, so that we would be could be with Him. He knew that Lucifer would try to become greater than Him. But He went ahead and created the world. Why? Why would He purposely created something He knew would eventually break. Eventually isn't even the right word. Soon. He knew would soon break. If you haven't noticed the first three pages of the Bible are about things being good, and the rest is God fixing it. I think the reason is simple as to why He would to this.... To further His glory. Everything good AND evil in history has furthered His glory and majesty. I think people make God out to be this person that is kind of lovey dovey, and I would even go as far as to say that they make Him out to be safe. If you trust Him you will be "safe". God is just about anything but those things. While He does love us with a love that we as pitiful human beings cannot even have an incling as to how deep it is, He is not a "sweet" guy and He is anything but safe. We tell people accept Christ and "everything will be ok." That is a load of crap. The moment you accept Christ things will become harder. Difference being we now have someone to help us with our burden. I am not entirely sure where I am going with all of this. Just something I have been trying to wrap my head around. I am not sure if I ever will. There is so much more I would like to say, but I will save it for a later post.


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